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This is a portrait series in collaboration with Amsterdam Berlin. This series presents people living and working in Berlin and making this vibrant city as unique as it is. 

For this project Feline and Marie directed five short films about people they suggested.

JON JOHN († 2016) 

Jon John was the owner of the  tatoo Studio AKA. His dedication was his body art. He also worked as a  tatooer in his own studio and around the world.  He died of cancer in 2016.


Andreas Mühe is a German photographer who gained fame primarily as Merkel's pulpit photographer. His project AM - a journey through Germany, attracted a lot of attention. Meanwhile, he works with great success almost exclusively on his own projects, most of which deal with the question of identity.


Geza schön is one of the very few perfumers in Germany. He lives and works in Berlin. He develops his own creations and creates fragrances for international clients.


Anastasia Kurkuma is a Russian ballerina who joined the Berlin State Opera after leaving the Bolshoi Theater due to injury. Here she had to start all over again. 

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